Christian Beliefs

Christian beliefs, as understood and taught in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LC-MS), influence everything that is done at St. James. Christian instruction is not only carried out formally, but is integrated into the study of every subject. Students are immersed in a Christian atmosphere, surrounded by teachers, administrators, pastors, and staff members who strive to have their very presence be a testimony to the Christian faith and the distinctively Lutheran manner of expressing that faith.

We know that we are all sinners who are in need of repentance and reconciliation with God and one another. We acknowledge that Jesus died and rose to forgive all sins, and as a result, we must deal with sins in a Scriptural manner of repentance and forgiveness in order to preserve the Christian community.

At St. James Lutheran Church and School we expect that the families of our students will not act in a way that is contrary to, or disrupts the teachings of this school in matters of religious faith and personal conduct. Family members are not required to believe or confess the teachings or beliefs of the LC-MS. However, family members may not act in a way that may negatively affect the school, promote beliefs that are contrary to those of the LC-MS, or otherwise weaken or undermine the Christian atmosphere at the school.